Privacy Policy

I've Parked Here uses your devices location data to display your location on the map.
This data is only accessed when the app is running.

Consent for accessing location data is requested the first time the app is run. After this, if consent was given, the app will continue to have access to your location.
If you would like revoke this access, you can do in your devices Settings app.

Storage of Location Data

I've Parked Here stores select location data on your device. This data is only stored when a parking location is displayed on the map.
When the parking location is cleared, the stored location data is deleted.

Storage of Vehicle Photos

I've Parked Here provides the user an opportunity to take a photo of the location in which they have parked. This photo is stored on your device in the apps local storage folder.
When the photo is cleared, the photo will be deleted. Should the deletion fail for any reason, the photo will be overwritten the next time a photo is taken.

Last Updated: (On release of Version 2.2)