I've Parked Here

For Windows 10 Mobile

In an unfamiliar city,
a large multi-story car park,
or a galaxy far, far away...

Never lose your car again!

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Windows 10

App Features

I've Parked Here is an app that will find your location on a map and at the press of a button, save the current location for later.
You can then use this point to locate your vehicle when it is time to leave.

Easy to use

The very first time you run the app, Windows 10 will ask your permission to allow us access to your location.

Then we can display your location live on the map screen. When you are ready, click the pin button at the bottom centre of the screen.

When it's time to leave, just return to the app. Your saved location is displayed as the red dot!

Route Guidance

We can get you back to your car after a long night out, with step-by-step directions from wherever you end up.

You can choose between walking, driving or using public transport.


Windows 10 handles our access to your location, you can revoke this at any time in your Settings app.

We do not access your location in the background, only when the app is open on your screen.

When you ask us to save your location, or other data like expiry time, level or an image, it is only stored on your devices memory and is deleted the moment you un-pin the location.

Direct Support

The app is developed by PAW Soft. Any support requested will be answered directly by the developer of the app. This means that you'll be able to get the best support possible.

PAW Soft support the app with continuous updates published to the Windows Store. We endeavour to always support the latest updates to the OS as they release.